Women’s groups wish fulfilled – pre-school for local children

januari 25, 2016 · No comments

On January the 18th the pre-school Kwa Kisai was launched in Yatta, a poor and dry area in central Kenya. Thanks to funding from the Swedish Radio Aid, We Effect has established three Early Childhood Development Centres for children in Yatta. The children in Yatta, Kenya, that…

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Empowering the women of Qerreti

november 23, 2015 · No comments

Many women in rural Albania are isolated from community life. Unemployment rates are high and jobs are few and far between. We Effect supports women groups and cooperatives throughout Albania as well as in neighboring countries Kosovo and Macedonia in order to make them a stronger…

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First family forest cooperative launched in Kenya

november 17, 2015 · No comments

In Kenya, an important step towards organizing family forest farmers, has been taken. The country now has its first family forest cooperative. Within the We Effect and FAO partnership, aiming at strengthening small-scale forest and farm producers for poverty reduction, the first family forest Cooperative was…

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Philippines: changing conventional farming into organic

september 16, 2015 · No comments

There is a lot to be gained from transforming conventional farming into organic. For Susan Madulin and Arlisa Cañete in the Philippines, the shift has both increased their income and improved the health of their families. In Davao del Norte, the Philippines, Susan’s family gradually shifted…

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We Effect and FAO on World Forestry Congress

september 10, 2015 · No comments

The 14th World Forestry Congress is underway in Durban, South Africa. On Friday, the launch of the collaboration between We Effect and FAO will take place. Opening remarks on this new partnership will be held by Eva Muller (FAO) and George Onyago (We Effect). Comments and remarks will…

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We Effect and FAO to support small-scale forest and farm producers

augusti 31, 2015 · No comments

Today, We Effect and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO - signed a global partnership to help farmers living in poverty around the world. Through the partnership, many small-scale forest and farm producers will be able to increase their income levels. We Effect…

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Rabbit urine gives Ayub financial security

april 29, 2015 · 1 comment

When Ayub was unemployed, he won a prize for creating the best business plan. This award turned his dream into reality: To sell the urine of rabbits as raw material for a fertilizer factory. He started out with three rabbits – now he has almost two…

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An enriching exchange between Palestine and El Salvador

mars 4, 2015 · No comments

During one week in February a special exchange took place in El Salvador. A group of Palestinian cooperative members came to visit and meet with housing cooperatives and organisations. Meetings were held with organisations such as the Salvadoran Federation for Development and Minimum Housing, FUNDASAL, the…

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FAO acknowledge the work of We Effect

oktober 31, 2014 · No comments

A number of factors can lead to food losses, including poor storage, lack of storage facilities and poor modes of transport. Sabasaba Banana Cooperative is one of the cooperatives that, through support from We Effect, has been able to reduce the waste of banana by producing…

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