Cambodian lobbyist can be awarded Swedish prize

augusti 29, 2017 · No comments

Cambodian Tola Moeun, who has lobbied against unfair wages in H&M’s factories, is shortlisted for a Swedish lobbying award. The award was founded by the NGO We Effect, and the former Prime Minister of Sweden, Ingvar Carlsson, and the former Archbishop of the Church of Sweden,…

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Lobbyist award boosts grass root activists in Nairobi’s slum

januari 16, 2017 · No comments

With the money and honor Rachael Mwikali, the first Lobbyist for Change winner, can do more in the fight for poor people’s rights in Kenya. Now she calls for nominations of other young people and women for this year’s prize. –  It is a big gift…

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Human Rights defender Berta Cáceres honored by We Effect

juli 6, 2016 · No comments

During the award ceremony for ”Lobbyist For Change” in Swedish Almedalen, human rights defender Berta Cáceres received an honorable mention. The award ”Lobbyist For Change” was given to Rachael Mwikali Mueni, a grassroots activist from Nairobi, fighting for the rights of young women. Members of the…

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Activist from Nairobi wins new lobbyist award

juli 4, 2016 · No comments

We Effect’s first Lobbyist for Change award goes to 24-year-old Rachael Mwikali Mueni, grassroots activist from Nairobi, for her fight for the human rights of young women. The award was handed over to Rachael Mwikali Mueni, representing theorganisation Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders, on 5 July…

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