Do Kenyan coffee farmers accept solar technology?

augusti 31, 2017 · No comments

A new study finds coffee cooperative members in Kenya positive about solar technology but wishing for more knowledge and reasonable installment solutions to make investments. We asked Sabina Oehme, who conducted the study together with Emma Levison, more about the results. The purpose of your study,…

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Lobbyist award boosts grass root activists in Nairobi’s slum

januari 16, 2017 · No comments

With the money and honor Rachael Mwikali, the first Lobbyist for Change winner, can do more in the fight for poor people’s rights in Kenya. Now she calls for nominations of other young people and women for this year’s prize. –  It is a big gift…

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External evaluation of We Effects programme in Southeast Asia – call for proposals

november 21, 2016 · No comments

External evaluation of We Effects programme in Southeast Asia – call for proposals We Effect is implementing the programme “Strengthening member-based organisations to fight poverty and injustice in rural areas” in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. We are now seeking to evaluate the programme. Please find Terms…

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New Call to Action: Give women and youth in Eastern Africa access to financial services

november 9, 2016 · No comments

We Effect’s annual conference on gender equality and sustainable development in Eastern Africa leads to a call for financial services to become real for women, youth and Persons with Disabilities. Financial inclusion is an important factor for improving women’s economic empowerment, fighting poverty and promoting sustainable…

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We Effect at the UN to share views on rights in Uganda

oktober 14, 2016 · No comments

In November Uganda’s human rights record will be reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council. We Effect and partners have been to Geneva to notice the UN and other stakeholder on the rights issues we see on the ground. The major human rights issues in Uganda…

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Human Rights defender Berta Cáceres honored by We Effect

juli 6, 2016 · No comments

During the award ceremony for ”Lobbyist For Change” in Swedish Almedalen, human rights defender Berta Cáceres received an honorable mention. The award ”Lobbyist For Change” was given to Rachael Mwikali Mueni, a grassroots activist from Nairobi, fighting for the rights of young women. Members of the…

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Activist from Nairobi wins new lobbyist award

juli 4, 2016 · No comments

We Effect’s first Lobbyist for Change award goes to 24-year-old Rachael Mwikali Mueni, grassroots activist from Nairobi, for her fight for the human rights of young women. The award was handed over to Rachael Mwikali Mueni, representing theorganisation Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders, on 5 July…

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European Union demands independent investigation of Cáceres murder

maj 26, 2016 · No comments

Human Rights activist Berta Cáceres was murdered on march 2nd in Honduras. Cáceres was the leader of the indigenous Lenca-people; having spent the last few years opposing a large dam-building project, Aguas Zarca. After an open letter to the EU, signed by a large number of civil society organisations,…

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Shortlist for Lobbyist for Change presented

maj 16, 2016 · No comments

In July, the winner of the Lobbyist for Change-award will be announced at a ceremony in Sweden. The shortlisted nominees come from Kenya, El Salvador and Nicaragua – and they are all women. The award, being presented for the first time this year, will be given…

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Enterprises in focus for new delegation to Guatemala

april 1, 2016 · No comments

Working for Human Rights in Guatemala can be life threatening. For the second year running, a Swedish delegation carrying representatives from the business, church and non-governmental sectors, travelled to the country in order to highlight the situation. This year, focus is being put on the responsibilities…

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