New project in Kenya targets cooperative member’s children

juli 3, 2015 · No comments

Faith Kyalo is 4 years old. Soon, she and the other children of Kikuthuko Women Group, an affiliate of Machakos Cooperative Union, will be able to play and learn at a pre-school when mum and dad are working. We Effect’s regional office in Eastern Africa has…

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Sri Lanka: beauty, threat and hope for the future

juni 4, 2015 · No comments

Inside the building, darkness is everywhere. The lights seem to be malfunctioning, the windows are closed. My eyes are adapting, slowly. The temperature is quickly rising. I glance back behind me, towards the door opening. Outside, the sun has risen above the clouds, creating a warm light. Moisture make my clothes…

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New HIV awareness project in Southern Africa

maj 27, 2015 · No comments

Of the estimated 35 million people currently living with HIV in the world, around 70 percent live in Southern Africa. On May 8th We Effect launched a new HIV project within the housing and habitat programme. The new project, “Community based HIV response in housing and…

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Triumph for Housing Cooperative in Uganda

maj 13, 2015 · No comments

With support from We Effect, a Housing Cooperative in Uganda has managed to buy land – a critical move in their struggle for decent housing. We Effect’s Monica Hernandez reports from the field. In Buikwe district, an hours drive outside of Uganda’s capital city Kampala, you find…

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African Family Farm Forestry Conference in Nairobi

maj 11, 2015 · 3 comments

In close collaboration with the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) and several other organisations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO, Kenya Forestry Services – KFS, Forest Action Network – FAN and Farm Forestry Small Holders producers Association – FF-SPAK, We Effect is organising the ”African Farm/Family Forestry…

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Rabbit urine gives Ayub financial security

april 29, 2015 · 1 comment

When Ayub was unemployed, he won a prize for creating the best business plan. This award turned his dream into reality: To sell the urine of rabbits as raw material for a fertilizer factory. He started out with three rabbits – now he has almost two…

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Basil fields empower Bosnian women

april 14, 2015 · No comments

Despite good climatic conditions and access to water, the agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not reaching its full potential. The unemployment rate is steadily growing, many people live in poverty. Only 35% of the women in the country carry employment. Together with partner organisation…

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An enriching exchange between Palestine and El Salvador

mars 4, 2015 · No comments

During one week in February a special exchange took place in El Salvador. A group of Palestinian cooperative members came to visit and meet with housing cooperatives and organisations. Meetings were held with organisations such as the Salvadoran Federation for Development and Minimum Housing, FUNDASAL, the…

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Severe flooding in Mozambique and Malawi

februari 5, 2015 · No comments

MOZAMBIQUE/MALAWI Severe flooding has struck Mozambique, Malawi and Madagascar during the month of January, displacing more than 300 000 people throughout the area. Several rivers have overflowed and parts of the electricity grid has been knocked out. Rainfall is expected to continue. More than 200 casualties have…

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Palestine: We Effect urge the EU to take lead

januari 19, 2015 · No comments

Palestine: We Effect urge the EU to take lead in creating a peacefully negotiated two-state solution We Effect, together with 31 other international humanitarian and development NGOs, have signed a personal letter regarding EU policy and practice in the occupied Palestinian territory being sent to Mrs….

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