FAO acknowledge the work of We Effect

oktober 31, 2014 · No comments

A number of factors can lead to food losses, including poor storage, lack of storage facilities and poor modes of transport. Sabasaba Banana Cooperative is one of the cooperatives that, through support from We Effect, has been able to reduce the waste of banana by producing…

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Swedbank donate SEK 500,000 for rebuilding in Bosnia-Herzegovina

augusti 29, 2014 · No comments

The Balkan floods are the worst in more than 120 years: Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, at least thirty people have lost their lives and the damages to infrastructure and agriculture are extensive. We Effect has been active in…

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Extensive damage in Gaza

augusti 20, 2014 · No comments

Photo above: The destroyed house of Khader Khalil Allouh. Photo by Mohammad Musa. Extensive damage in Gaza We Effect has worked in Gaza and the West Bank for almost twenty years. The current war in Gaza has brought severe losses – human as well as material –…

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Support the rebuilding in Bosnia-Herzegovina

juni 4, 2014 · No comments

The Balkan floodings during the month of May are the most severe in over 120 years. Damage is extensive: hundreds of thousands of people has had to abandon their homes, at least thirty people have died and financial damages are extensive. Many of the affected areas…

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Vulnerability Index

mars 19, 2014 · No comments

New index: Mozambique, the world’s most vulnerable country – Sweden, among the least vulnerable. Mozambique, the Central African Republic, Guinea, Uganda and Haiti are the countries in the world most vulnerable to natural disasters. Finland and Sweden are among those least vulnerable. The new Vulnerability Index…

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