European Union demands independent investigation of Cáceres murder

maj 26, 2016 · Latin America/News and stories · No comments

Berta Cáceres. Photo: Catrin Söderberg.

Berta Cáceres. Photo: Catrin Söderberg.

Human Rights activist Berta Cáceres was murdered on march 2nd in Honduras. Cáceres was the leader of the indigenous Lenca-people; having spent the last few years opposing a large dam-building project, Aguas Zarca.

After an open letter to the EU, signed by a large number of civil society organisations, the European Commission underlines the need for an independent, international investigation of the murder of Berta Cáceres. They also state that they will be following the investigation of Cáceres murder closely.

The European investors of the dam-project are now putting the project under scrutiny, having stopped its payments, states the EU in their answer to the open letter.

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