Housing and habitat

Our goal: Empowered organisations that support the right of all people to adequate housing.

What we do

We Effect supports the growth of cooperative housing associations that are self-managed. Cooperative housing models require active participation of the members in the construction and maintenance of buildings and also in the management of the housing cooperative itself.

We support organisations that defend and demand people’s right to housing. Through cooperative housing solutions, people build their own houses and the cooperative then manages the houses and the living environment. The partner organisations lobby those in power, demanding that the State assumes responsibility for practical application of this human right.

Facts about housing and poverty

Access to a decent living environment is one of the most fundamental factors in people working themselves out of poverty. The UN underlines the importance of adequate housing where ”adequate” means that it must be affordable for people in poverty, and that the property must be habitable and accessible.

Today, approximately one billion people live without access to accommodation that meets these criteria. Lack of housing makes it difficult to exercise other human rights such as rights to health care, education, work and citizenship. Adequate housing increases people’s security and reduces their vulnerability.

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