Berta Cáceres. Photo: Catrin Söderberg.

Berta Cáceres. Photo: Catrin Söderberg.

Human Rights defender Berta Cáceres honored by We Effect

juli 6, 2016 · Lobbyist for Change/News and stories · No comments

During the award ceremony for ”Lobbyist For Change” in Swedish Almedalen, human rights defender Berta Cáceres received an honorable mention. The award ”Lobbyist For Change” was given to Rachael Mwikali Mueni, a grassroots activist from Nairobi, fighting for the rights of young women.

Members of the jury for the award include former Prime Minister of Sweden, Ingvar Carlsson, former Minister of Democracy, Birgitta Ohlsson and Anneli Rogeman, CEO for We Effect.

The honorable mention for Berta Cáceres reads:

”Berta Cáceres was brutally murdered in her home in Honduras on the 3rdof March this year, as a consequence of her life long struggle to protect the rights of her people, the lenca. Her death was a tremendous loss to her family, friends and colleagues – and to civil society and the people whose rights she fought to protect. The violence in Honduras is extreme, but it is not unique. Assaults, threats, violence and oppression of human rights defenders is common in many countries. The death of Berta Caceres should serve as reminder that violence against the people who stand up for the rights of others must come to an end.”

”Lobbyist For Change” is awarded by Non Governmental Organisation We Effect, and presented to a lobbyist or activist working for the rights of people living in poverty. This years winner is Rachael Mwikali Mueni and the prize sum of USD 10 000 is awarded to Rachael Mwikali Muenis organisation Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders.


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