Juliana Ngeno, Junction Bamboo Tree Nursery & Conservation Group. Nakuru, Kenya.

Juliana Ngeno, Junction Bamboo Tree Nursery & Conservation Group. Nakuru, Kenya.

Planting trees for a brighter future

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Meet Juliana Ngeno, a small-scale tree nursery operator in Kenya. Together with FAO We Effect works to strengthen small-scale forest and farm producer organisations to access markets and improve the livelihoods of their members. Julian is among those who now invest in forestry. This is her story.

The family Ngeno in western Kenya are planting trees to create a better life. Together with 27 other family foresters, they have started a group to create an income where there are no jobs. Juliana Ngeno, her husband Victor and their three sons of school age make a living of what the family farm provides. Here on the Kenyan highlands the soil is fertile and the rainfalls usually plenty but the knowledge of forestry and agriculture is small. So when Juliana and Victor just over a year ago got the chance to get organised with support from We Effect, they took the opportunity and formed Junction Bamboo Tree Nursery & Conservation Group along with other farmers in the area. The group’s mission is to propagate and sell bamboo plants, as demand is high and profits good.

- We have planted large scale in the groups nursery. Bamboo, eucalyptus, cypress trees, fruit trees, tomato plants and passion fruit. The idea is to sell the plants and make money for the group, says Juliana Ngeno.

For her family, the only steady income comes from the families tea bushes. But since they joined the group, they have planted avocado trees and tomatoes on their land.

- The benefit of fruit is that yields will return. A sustainable, long-term solution. We are trying to improve our lives with what we have but we have not made any money yet. Through the group, we hope that in the future can operate a commercial activity that gives us an income, says Juliana Ngeno.

The group still has a way to go to a working producer organisation but the seed they sowed for a brighter future has begun to sprout.

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