We Effect in Asia

In Asia We Effect operate in six countries: Cambodia, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Burma/Myanmar and Vietnam. We have local offices in all countries except Cambodia. The projects in Cambodia are coordinated from the Vietnam office. The overall coordination for We Effect´s presence in Asia is done from the regional offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In Asia our work is mainly focused on:

  • Strengthening our partner organisations to enable them to defend the rights of their members.
  • Offering poor people access to financial services to give them the chance to set up businesses.
  • Strengthening the ability of small-scale farmers to pursue sustainable farming and improve their position on the market.
  • Increasing women’s participation in society and their influence in our partner organisations, as well as reducing discrimination.
  • Easing the suffering of the Palestinian people and supporting farmers so that they can earn a living from their farming.

In Asia, approximately 60 000 persons from about 560 communities are participating in 26 projects.

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