We Effect in Latin America

In Latin America We Effect is operating in six countries: Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Paraguay. The overall coordination for We Effect´s presence in Latin America is done from the Regional office for Latin America, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. There are also local offices in all countries.

In Latin America our work is mainly focused on:

  • Increasing the participation of women and empowering them in cooperatives, associations and organisations.
  • Allocating resources in a fair way – at least half of development resources shall target women.
  • Ensuring that more small-scale farmers can live off their farming and that sustainable methods that protect people and the environment are used.
  • Supporting the setting up of housing cooperatives and influence authorities and governments to make decisions on housing laws that benefit people living in poverty.

Approximately 294,887 persons are participating in 65 projects.


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